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Groundbreaking Brand Engagement

VSBLTY is a groundbreaking retail technology & marketing company with a variety of applications to drive brand engagement, and puts insights in motion to drive sales.

VisionCaptor™ marries brilliantly executed motion graphics or interactive brand messaging on display surfaces including glass panel doors at point-of-sale in retail environments such as supermarkets and c-stores, with “first of its kind” facial recognition and data capture technology that delivers real time behavioral analytics and sales metrics.

DataCaptor™ is an end cap data capture application.

The Coolest Cooler

VSBLTY turns a regular glass cooler front into an interactive brand experience capable of engaging consumers, differentiating brands capturing consumer information at the point of consideration. With full 1080p video, touch screen and physical detection capabilities, our solution can deliver multi-level messaging, engagement tracking and traffic detection.



This technology represents a transformative combination of rich interactive content and real-time data collection not available anywhere in a single turnkey solution.

Beyond simply signage, VSBLTY allows consumers to interact with the display, manipulate content, and engage in a rich, immersive shopper experience through intuitive touch.

Demographic-specific content
We enable you to deliver content specifically designed for individual viewing based on age, race, gender, location and daypart.

Offers & Promotions
Continue the conversation by connecting with consumers through special offers and instant digital coupons delivered right to their mobile devices.

Real-time Data
Capture valuable point of purchase data on consumer traffic, engagement and interaction, consumer age, gender and more. Keep in mind this is actual, factual data, not estimated data.

Turnkey Offering
From hardware, to creative, to analytics, our turnkey business model seamlessly connects all the steps of the process using a single source contact. This streamlined approach allows for all pieces of the program to be aligned strategically and conceptually.


The Intersection of Marketing and Security

Advanced Security Applications that Leverage Media to Offset Investment

VSBLTY has developed the most technologically advanced Facialanalytics™ which combines the power of facial recognition, adding real-time cloud based analytics and emotion detection, that can identify people in milliseconds, alone, in crowds, in motion.

Introducing VECTOR™

Among the most advanced facial recognition technology on the market today.

VSBLTY Security Technologies deploy industry leading cognitive API’s to power our proactive displays.
Facial Detection
Facial Verification
Facial ID
Facial Similarity Detection
Facial Grouping
Facial Verification from Video
Image Analysis
A-List Celebrity Recognition
Text Recognition in Images
Stills & Video Emotion Detection
Facial Tracking in Video
Motion Detection

Advanced facial detection

VECTOR™ detects one or more human faces in an image along with face attributes which contain machine learning-based predictions of facial features. The face attribute features available are: Age, Gender, Pose, Smile, and Facial Hair just for starters.
Proactive digital signage facial recognition will:
Detect one or more humans in an image
Partial views of face calculated
27 landmarks for each face in an image

Facial Verification

Check the likelihood that two faces belong to the same person. VECTOR™ will return a confidence score about how likely it is that the two faces belong to one person.
Proactive digital signage facial verification will:
Search persons enrolled in a database and in stored video archives
Robust and scalable cloud infrastructure for rapid matching
Alert notifications options for security enforcement
“Confidence rating” based metrics to remove false positives.

Camera technology and video analysis

VECTOR™ software and optics offers options depending on the application.
Our Camera Technology:
VECTOR™ technology uses software that operates independent of camera selection
Wide range of 2D cameras providing options for:
Indoor / Outdoor
Long and ShortRange
Day / Night
Our Video Analysis:
Detects faces with high precision in video
Forensic or real time applications
Motion detection in videos with stationary background
Metadata analysis for location based reporting



( Key Performance Indicators )

Data will be ported into dynamic dashboards in real time.

  1. Total Brand Impressions
  2. Total Brand Engagement
  3. Total Interaction
  4. Dwell Time
  5. Race
  6. Gender
  7. Age Range
  8. Emotional Engagement



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