The World Leader in Proactive Digital Display

This technology represents a transformative combination of rich interactive content and real-time data collection not
available anywhere in a single turnkey solution. Beyond simply signage, VSBLTY allows consumers to interact with
the display, manipulate content, and engage in a rich, immersive shopper experience through intuitive touch.

Demographic-specific content
We enable you to deliver content specifically designed for individual viewing based on age,
gender, location and day-parts.

Offers & Promotions
Continue the conversation by connecting with consumers through special offers and instant
digital coupons delivered right to their mobile devices.

Real-time Data
Capture valuable point of purchase data on consumer traffic, engagement and interaction, consumer age,
gender and more. Keep in mind this is actual, factual data, not estimated data.

Turnkey Offering
From hardware, to creative, to analytics, our turnkey business model seamlessly connects all the steps of the process
using a single source contact. This streamlined approach allows for all pieces of the program to be aligned
strategically and conceptually.