The Intersection of
Marketing & Security

Transforming Retail Spaces and
Providing Actionable Insights

Using Edge and/or Cloud enabled digital display solutions, retailers can now enhance guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by demographic, identity or even sentiment, while simultaneously gaining groundbreaking levels of measurement and actionable insights.

Enhancing Security Using Disruptive Technologies for Schools, Stadiums, Transit Hubs and Smart City Applications

By teaching computers how to skillfully interpret their surroundings, VSBLTY software can in turn contextualize all the information about those surroundings and deliver it to the end-user vetted and streamlined for the particular security application. One or hundreds of Persons Of Interest can be identified in a large crowd in milliseconds, as well as objects including everything from backpacks to assault weapons.

Woman interacting with kiosk


Bringing dynamic, interactive brand messaging to life on transparent glass displays.


A "stealthy” installation that remains totally unseen while measuring Body Counts, Gender, Age, and Sentiment—all in real-time.
Radio waves on a mobile phone in a shopping mall with matrix style data layered on top.


VSBLTY’S state-of-the-art software, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which provides facial recognition and weapon detection.

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