Retail Hardware Solutions

VSBLTY software can be integrated with virtually any type of digital screen. Strategic partnerships have been developed with leading edge hardware manufacturers to deploy a variety of form factors to fit any solution application in retail and other public spaces.

VSBLTY works hand in hand with these partners to ensure seamless integration for venues and retailers with media partners, custom display partners, field services partners, and even leasing partners when applicable to deploying a fully integrated program.


The Art of Engagement

Enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces with this focal point of guest engagement. A large HD screen provides dynamic interstitial messaging that alternates seamlessly with interactive digital touch.

Digital Shelf Banner

Diversifying The Aisle

Adapt this versatile form factor to any space. A visually commanding, vertical screen attracts the gaze of shoppers with dynamic two-sided messaging. Enhanced, if desired, by interactive digital touch.

Digital Headers

Marquee Engagement

Put any messaging over the top with this eye-catching form factor. This dynamic screen is available to fit any end-cap or in-aisle 36” or 48” space.

Shelf Strips

Enhancing The Aisle and Complementing the Digital Header

Entice guests by bringing shelf spaces to life with brand messages and product information. Narrow, horizontal screens alternate between entice and engage modes, with reactive digital price tags, if desired.

Shelf Talker

Compact yet High Impact. Ready for Service Anywhere.

Optimize guest engagement with this versatile compact form factor. An adjustable tablet-sized screen can be angled for ideal guest engagement featuring dynamic messaging, with seamless alternation between dynamic messaging and interactive digital touch.

Interactive Cooler

Redefining Refrigerated and Frozen Units with Transparent Touchscreens

Bring retail spaces to life with this innovative form factor. A large 55” or 65” inviting screen is capable of both transparent and non-transparent dynamic display coupled with interactive digital touch ensuring high customer engagement. Multi-shelf capacity allows for sharing with multiple SKUs.


DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology through AI tools (machine learning and computer vision), enabling real-time analytics and anonymous audience data based on who and what the camera sees.
Radio waves on a mobile phone in a shopping mall with matrix style data layered on top.


VSBLTY’S state-of-the-art software, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which provides facial recognition and weapon detection.
Woman interacting with kiosk


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, VisionCaptor delivers targeted display content at the point of purchase.

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