DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology with artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) to provide real-time analytics and audience measurement. When DataCaptor is coupled with the VSBLTY CMS (VisionCaptor™), it delivers custom-triggered content based on who the camera “sees”, either by demographics, sentiment or identity.

All elements of the path to purchase are measured by DataCaptor, using advanced optics and sensors to provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurement and analysis in retail and other spaces.

Not only does DataCaptor report demographics like gender, age range and sentiment, but it also gathers key analytics including dwell time, total impressions, percent looking at the screen, content interaction, as well as footfall traffic and heat maps.

VSBLTY Proactive Digital Screen

Anonymous Data Collected

  • People Count (Impressions)
  • Dwell Time
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Emotional Sentiment
  • Recurring Visitors (with full anonymity)
  • Content Touches

A Totally Ubiquitous SaaS Solution

  • CMS Integration through RST API
  • Demographically triggered content
  • Identity-based content triggers (with opt-in)
  • Conforms with all federal and state privacy laws
  • Integrates into any directly connected camera system, or
    CCTV (IP)

The Versatility of VSBLTY

DataCaptor can be used in conjunction with VisionCaptor (VSBLTY’s CMS), or it can interface with foreign CMS software platforms and can be used as the analytics and measurement component.

The software leverages Microsoft AZURE with BI reporting tools. Using Microsoft Power BI, VSBLTY provides both a batch dashboard and real-time dashboard.

All existing cameras are compatible with the DataCaptor software module, including USB-attached and IP cameras — both short and long distance, static or PTZ.

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Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, VisionCaptor delivers targeted display content at the point of purchase.
Radio waves on a mobile phone in a shopping mall with matrix style data layered on top.


VSBLTY’S state-of-the-art software, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which provides facial recognition and weapon detection.

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