VSBLTY Vector is a software module that interfaces with a comprehensive local or remote database to detect persons or objects of interest within a camera’s field of view.

Using computer vision and machine learning, VSBLTY Vector enables demographic and emotional recognition, as well as object recognition and facial recognition that can identify individuals when alone or even in crowds. With the cameras ideally embedded directly into a display screen, as consumers look to the screens for information and advertising content, a more accurate facial recognition is achieved compared with traditional overhead cameras. VSBLTY Vector is able to interface with virtually any existing IP cameras.

With a local (non-cloud) database of several hundred thousand biometric entries, VSBLTY Vector can work in a closed system with great speed, precision and accuracy, without internet dependency for biometric or facial recognition.

The Innovation of Security

VSBLTY Vector‘s industry-leading cognitive APIs enable advanced recognition for faces and other advanced image analytics that are crucial to enhancing today’s security requirements when recognizing weapons or suspicious persons in a crowd.

In high-traffic public areas, at egress points where public safety is a primary concern, persons or objects of interest can be detected, at scale, in milliseconds. If a POI (Person Of Interest) or weapon is detected by VSBLTY Vector, the proper authorities can be alerted instantaneously, while the necessary security protocols are initiated.

Marketing & Security Intersect

VSBLTY’s Proactive Digital Displays comprise an all-encompassing set of tasks, which seamlessly bridge the gap between audience measurement and public safety:

  • Facial Detection
  • Facial Verification
  • Facial ID
  • Facial Similarity Detection
  • Facial Grouping
  • Facial Verification from Video
  • Image Analysis
  • A-List Celebrity Recognition
  • Text Recognition in Images, Stills & Video
  • Emotion Detection
  • Facial Tracking in Video
  • Motion Detection
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Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, VisionCaptor delivers targeted display content at the point of purchase.


DataCaptor leverages camera and sensor technology through AI tools (machine learning and computer vision), enabling real-time analytics and anonymous audience data based on who and what the camera sees.

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