VSBLTY is Changing the Face of Measurement with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The power of “full-circle” measurement is now possible in any physical location, in real-time, using VSBLTY’s unique machine learning through computer vision.

Utilizing advanced optics and sensor technology, all elements of the Path To Purchase are measured by the DataCaptor™ software module, providing objective, real-time, qualitative measurement and analysis in retail and other spaces.

Anonymized & De-Identified Data Collected:

All recurring visitors are supported with full anonymity unless they have opted-in.

  • People Count (Impressions)
  • Dwell Time
  • Interaction Time
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Emotional Sentiment
  • Recurring Visitors
  • Content Touches
  • Footfall Traffic & Heat Maps

Optimal Engagement

Using the VisionCaptor™ software module in conjunction with DataCaptor™, retailers have the power to provide interactive brand messaging based on who a camera “sees”.

Using Edge and/or cloud-enabled digital display solutions, retailers can enhance the guest experience with proximity-aware, interactive brand messaging triggered by demographic, identity or even sentiment, while simultaneously gaining groundbreaking levels of measurement and actionable insights.

Enhancing Analytics Through Proactive Digital Display™:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Sports Arenas
  • Transit Hubs
  • Grocery
  • Drug & Other Retail Environments

The Analytics Breakthrough

With the addition of advanced Facial and Object Recognition through VSBLTY VECTOR™, guest measurement comes full-circle.

VECTOR’s Facial Recognition enables opted-in consumers to receive personalized messaging based on identity.

This means truly comprehensive analytics delivered directly from a physical space to brands and retailers, in real-time, telling the entire story of the customer journey.

This means surpassing what is capable in the world of online, and where it really counts: at the moment of decision.

This means breakthrough analytics with virtually limitless applications.

Advanced Image Analytics:

  • Facial Detection
  • Facial Verification
  • Facial ID
  • Facial Similarity Detection
  • Facial Grouping
  • Facial Verification from Video
  • Image Analysis
  • A-List Celebrity Recognition
  • Text Recognition in Images, Stills & Video
  • Emotion Detection
  • Facial Tracking in Video

Beyond Guest Measurement

VSBLTY’s object recognition software will assist retailers and brands in a variety of other areas, such as with critical inventory and replenishment analytics using computer vision to identify objects at time of conversion.

VECTOR‘s industry-leading cognitive APIs enable advanced recognition for faces and other advanced image analytics that are crucial to enhancing today’s security capabilities.

All data registered by VSBLTY’s DataCaptor™ software module is fully anonymized and conforms with federal and state privacy laws. DataCaptor™ can be used in conjunction with VisionCaptor™ (VSBLTY’s CMS), or it can interface with foreign CMS software platforms and be used solely as the analytics and measurement component.


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