February 5, 2020


PHILADELPHIA, PA., February 5, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.

(CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF), a leading retail software and technology company, and Energetika, an international provider of “intelligent lighting” solutions, are achieving outstanding results in making Mexico City communities much safer. The firms are installing thousands of  security kits, powered by VSBLTY software, in the initial phase of the $10 million investment Mexico City is making in its safety lighting and integrated security program. The Mexican capital was designated as a “Smart City” in 2016 in recognition of its achievement in adapting to environmental and economic conditions and keeping them sustainable.

Adrian Ruvalcaba, Mayor of Cuajimalpa County, reported that after the installation of the security kits, his community has become the safest county in Mexico City. “We have gone from the 11th Safest to Number One during 2019. The single major contributor to this change is the camera network that is not even fully installed yet,” the Mayor said. Neighboring Cuauhtemoc County reported a 40 percent reduction of crime in the first year of the installation of Energetika’s lighting infrastructure and VSBLTY’s AI-inspired video analytics.

Energetika’s  security kit is a first of its kind “Citizen Safety” application and infrastructure program that includes outdoor mounted HD cameras, high intensity lighting, motion sensors and audible alarms. The technology also provides facial recognition and real time video analytics for crowd behavior. This low-cost system runs off local citizens’ internet service and is accessible on mobile devices in real time and includes an alerting system to enable direct local uniformed police response. The mobile application also permits content sharing for neighborhood watch and a panic button.

Energetika CEO Rodrigo Calderon said, “We are just in phase one deployment of security kits covering up to 40,000 endpoints throughout 56 Mexico City communities. We started last January in Miguel Hidalgo, Cuajimalpa, Cuauhtemoc and Benito Juarez,” he explained.

“With this unique security kit deployment model perfected, we are hosting other Central and South American municipalities who wish to learn more about this program to improve citizen safety. We are projecting that this cost-efficient solution may be installed in three million security cameras or more in Latin America alone,” Calderon predicted.

Energetika, when contracted to provide smart lighting solutions for economically efficient applications that incorporate security, chose VSBLTY to provide security technology that includes crowd analytics and facial recognition for residential, commercial and governmental applications.

VSBLTY CEO Jay Hutton said of the progress to date, “We are excited to see the amazing early safety results of this deployment. It is setting the standard for collaborative security where citizens, law enforcement and technology work together to achieve a higher level of security. This Smart City deployment extends the reach of the security umbrella to residences and provides citizen access to city services right on individuals’ mobile devices. We look forward to collaborating on future deployments that will provide the next generation of public safety applications including tracking persons of interest, weapon detection, as well as vehicle and crowd analytics using the power of machine learning and computer vision,” he said.

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