January 24, 2018

VSBLTY Introduces New “King Salmon” Technology at NRF Show in New York City

New Application Will Improve Venue Security In Addition to Marketing Applications

VSBLTY, the technology company that provides audience measurement using the power of machine learning through computer vision, introduced its newest interactive digital signage technology at the NRF Show 2018, the retail industry’s biggest expo, held last week at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. VSBLTY was one of Intel’s featured technologies conducting demos in their expansive display at the expo.

Code-named “King Salmon”, this Version 3.0 of the VSBLTY software suite significantly enriches the firm’s revolutionary technology that is transforming retail by enhancing the interaction between shoppers and brands to influence point of sale behavior and collect unprecedented shopper data.

“King Salmon” can run on any screen, including touch screens, and provides retail signage clients with computer vision enhancements such as facial recognition of persons of interest or loyalty program members, as well as real time demographic and emotional profiles, through an easy-to-use customer portal.

The new technology includes VSBLTY’s proprietary VisionCaptor and DataCaptor software as well as its new security product, VECTOR, which now makes the intersection of marketing and security a reality.

According to VSBLTY Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Tim Huckaby, “This newest product release enables wider utilization that includes both out-of-home and advanced security applications.”

This new technology uses computer vision and machine learning. It enables demographic and emotional recognition, as well as facial recognition that can identify individuals when alone or even in crowds in milliseconds. VECTOR encompasses industry leading cognitive APIs that enable advanced recognition for faces, and other advanced image analytics that are crucial to today’s security requirements such as the recognition of dangerous objects.

VSBLTY is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. and has its sales and marketing offices in Voorhees, N.J.


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