• How does VSBLTY stack up to the competition in a retail environment?

    VSBLTY is the only company in the retail market that offers both Edge and Cloud digital display software solutions. VSBLTY has a patent pending for the combination of facial analytics and digital display signage, giving them a protected position in the critical area of POS activation space. VSBLTY’s software also provides three distinct zones for measurement of the customer experience known as “enticement”, “engagement” and “interaction”.  Each zone is measured separately including content that the customer touches in the interactive zone. VSBLTY also measures the number of people that “are looking” at the screen vs. total impressions. VSBLTY analytics also provide repeat visitor data. VSBLTY is the only company that provides a turnkey solution to clients, from hardware to content development to analytics. VSBLTY has forged strategic partnerships with leading industry companies that provide media sales, custom displays, innovative hardware solutions, and field services.

  • Why is VSBLTY so effective as a security enhancement?

    Cameras are embedded into the display screen, and consumers look to the screens for information and advertising content, ensuring that a more accurate facial recognition is achieved, versus traditional overhead cameras.

    VSBLTY Vector™ also uses sophisticated dashboards and mobile interfaces, allowing this platform to perform like no other security enhancement on the market today. And since these digital screens can run advertising for brands that want to reach targeted consumers, the marketing revenue can offset the cost of deployment.

  • How does VSBLTY integrate its software with other components to create a turnkey solution?

    From Hardware to Creative to Analytics, our turnkey business model seamlessly connects every step of the process using a single source contact. This streamlined approach allows for all components of the program to be completely aligned strategically and conceptually. VSBLTY vets and develops strategic partnerships with best-in-class partners to provide equipment, media, installation and field support services, as needed.

  • How does VSBLTY ensure that they are in compliance with all privacy laws?

    In the development of advanced audience measurement software and facial recognition technologies, VSBLTY has found itself at the forefront of a rapidly changing landscape of privacy laws and guidelines.

    For retail applications, the use of facial recognition and audience analytics to gain anonymized and de-identified aggregate data is quickly becoming a new norm. All but two states in the U.S. allow this technology in retail environments.

    In the security sector, privacy regulations are still being defined for the utilization of facial recognition for real-time identity matching of Persons of Interest.

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulates the EU’s laws on data protection and privacy, and its guidelines, which were adopted into law in May of 2018, are the strictest in the world.

    As of Summer 2019, VSBLTY’s architecture and implementation will be fully GDPR compliant, with GDPR compliant versions of both the VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ software modules.

  • Is the data collected in compliance with Protected Personal Information laws?

    Yes, we comply with all PPI international and federal requirements nationally as well as for all 50 states.

  • Do the new NIST Study results help differentiate VSBLTY?

    Massive gains in accuracy of facial recognition have been achieved over the last five years (2013-2018).

    The  National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Vendor Test identification results provide a comparison of face recognition algorithms and an assessment of capability of vendors that provide them. Microsoft is the new overall best performer in FR/Person Identification based on this new report. VSBLTY software has always been tested on all major FR vendors and consequently, chose Microsoft algorithms for FR. This recent study validates that VSBLTY is built on the most accurate algorithms available in the market today.

  • Does VSBLTY collect data anonymously?

    Yes, we don’t know who you are unless you opted-in.

  • What are VSBLTY’s Key Performance Indicators?

    Our KPIs are tailored to individual activations, but in general we collect typical media KPIs—especially Out of Home. We report how many people had an opportunity to view, their impressions, as well as interaction and dwell time. These can be contextualized through location, demographic and creative analysis.

  • How many click-through layers do the screens offer?

    You are able to have as many click-through layers as needed. We caution against using too many for an optimal customer experience. Average dwell time is 30 seconds.

  • Does content have to be text only?

    Our Content Management System can include still photos and videos in color or black and white. Screens can be divided into zones. Each zone can have a unique content source (e.g. zone one can be a still photo; zone two can be an mp4; zone three can be text graphic, etc.).


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