November 24, 2021

VSBLTY, 911inform Make First Deployment of ‘Total Solutions’ Security Software

Advanced Security Technology Can Provide Incident Data to 911, First Responders Anywhere in U.S.


PHILADELPHIA, PA., November 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt 5VS) (“VSBLTY”), a leading software provider of security and retail analytics technology, today announced that a joint system integration with 911inform has been completed, tested, and deployed to multiple customers across the United States. The “Total Security Platform” provides police, first responders and local onsite personnel with the ability to access data instantly and gain situational awareness from VSBLTY’s industry leading Vector™ software through its partnership with 911inform.

The VSBLTY/911inform combined technology provides a custom protection layer around the clients’ facilities to automatically detect potential threats allowing local security teams to react to a situation before it becomes an emergency. It is this combined solution that is giving insight and awareness in real time, along with detailed building floor plans to provide hyper-relevant data to onsite security and first responders.

The joint solution uses artificial intelligence to provide onsite personnel and local authorities with vital information such as weapons detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition and vehicle loitering to provide improved response times. The AI system can also send notifications to security for further evaluation and escalation. The system can then automatically lock down the building, lock doors, activate strobes, page overhead, and provide first responders with temporary access to security cameras for a real-time viewing of the situation. To further improve security, buildings are made safer through the automation of processes based on the situation detected or current threat level.

Ivo Allen, Founder & CEO, 911inform, said “This joint effort by the companies will provide people with an added layer of safety and security while reducing the overall response time to emergencies. We are united in a commitment to empower safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven response virtually anywhere.” 911inform provides full situational-awareness and communications across multiple platforms allowing for visibility and transparency into any emergency situation regardless of where it occurs.

VSBLTY Founder & CEO Jay Hutton said, “This is an exciting kick-off for a community security system that can be deployed anywhere in the U.S. and even to international markets that have similar applications.” Hutton also said that local residents are being encouraged to participate in the security system so that, in the event of an emergency, critical medical records can be provided to emergency responders.

VSBLTY industry leading VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with cutting-edge computer vision measurement and insights. VSBLTY AI-driven software, Vector™, provides advanced facial and weapons recognition that is crucial to enhancing security in a variety of environments.


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Headquartered in Philadelphia, VSBLTY (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”) is the world leader in Proactive Digital Display™, which transforms retail and public spaces as well as place-based media networks with SaaS-based audience measurement and security software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its proprietary technology effectively integrates with other digital retail solutions, including QR codes and mobile applications. The firm is also recognized for its leadership role in the growing Store as a Medium movement that enables brands to reach customers when and where buying decisions are being made while producing a new revenue stream for retailers.


About 911inform (911inform)

911inform was established in 2018 and is the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap from organizations to first responders. In addition to providing never before available information to educators such as student count and parking area controls, it is an all-encompassing emergency management solution that empowers first responders to pinpoint the exact location of an emergency call’s origin while simultaneously notifying local authorities and key on-site personnel. The platform also provides full situational awareness for emergency events within a geofenced building location ensuring response teams have the right tools to effectively mitigate the situation. The company serves such diverse organizations as governments, educational institutions, medical facilities, public venues, sporting events and offices.


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