February 12, 2019

VSBLTY Introduces Edge Software That Increases Speed & Precision; Reduces Cost Of Computer Processing

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VSBLTY, a leading retail software and technology company that provides audience measurement using the power of machine learning through computer vision, today announced the introduction of its new Edge Software that increases speed and precision while reducing the cost of computer processing.

Jay Hutton, VSBLTY Chief Executive Officer, says the firm’s Edge computing enables all its computer vision services to eliminate the need to send information to the cloud via the internet or a network, bringing all the processing and the complexities of machine learning down to the level of an on-site computer. “This means that we process data quicker on the Edge, with incredible scale and with greater precision—and it is more cost efficient,” Hutton adds.

VSBLTY utilizes Intel’s OpenVINO™ platform as a tool kit to run VSBLTY’s machine learning algorithms on the edge, says Chief Technology Officer Tim Huckaby. “Intel’s OpenVINO system allows us to hot swap in machine learning models without reprogramming. For example, we may have a retail project where we are recognizing different brands of consumer products and just as easily—on the security side—identify various kinds of weapons in real time at the same time,” Huckaby explains.

Huckaby adds, “Utilizing the advantages of our Edge computing, VSBLTY is able to seamlessly combine its software with optics to deliver cutting-edge digital display, real time data at point of engagement, and provide security and surveillance applications. I know of no other company that can do this.”

“We are delighted that VSBLTY has creatively adopted our OpenVINO program that runs on machine learning algorithms to its new Edge software that enables the firm to advance the increasingly important blending of consumer marketing and cutting edge security,” said Joe Jensen, vice president and general manager of the Retail Solutions Division of Intel Corporation.

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