August 15, 2023


PHILADELPHIA, PA., August 15, 2023 (PR NEWSWIRE)—VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt 5VS) (“VSBLTY”), a leading software provider of AI-driven security and retail analytics technology, today announced that it has changed its Vector™ Weapons Recognition product from CPU-only to Intel® CPU + Intel GPU compute power of the Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170. The result is a significant improvement in weapons detection by significantly reducing false positives.

VSBLTY’s AI-driven software Vector provides early threat detection using enhanced facial recognition, and the ability to identify weapons, utilizing surveillance cameras to observe a wide area around protected sites.

A GPU (graphics processing unit) is a specialized processor that is particularly well suited for parallel computation, such as 3D graphics and AI algorithms. VSBLTY Vector is using the Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170 to run large complex AI-based computer vision weapons recognition algorithms providing high detection accuracy while simultaneously reducing false positives.

The Vector system can monitor in real time hundreds, even thousands, of cameras simultaneously over a wide area and can detect firearms at a distance. When the system detects a threat via facial recognition, or weapon recognition, it immediately contacts a 24/7 manned security operations center (SOC) where a trained officer does an instant threat assessment and then takes the appropriate actions. If a threat is confirmed, simultaneously both law enforcement and the security personnel at the protected site (e.g., school, hospital, shopping mall, house of worship, etc.) are immediately alerted so threat mitigation procedures can be implemented.

In making the announcement, VSBLTY Co-founder & CEO Jay Hutton said, “The Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170 compute power enables our technology to be proactive and do its job quicker and with more accuracy. This improved accuracy will enable faster threat confirmations to call centers and permit first responders to act on threats in just seconds. I am very proud of our development team that continues to drive our technology to better serve our clients and ultimately to save lives.”
The enhanced technology enables improved VSBLTY weapons recognition for multiple camera streams per GPU and multiple GPUs per system to provide safety and security for much larger areas.


VSBLTY’s AI-driven technology provides enhanced customer engagement and audience measurement using machine learning and computer vision. In real time, this allows for the immediate interpretation and optimization of actions based on “what and who the camera sees.” Its industry leading VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with cutting-edge computer vision measurement and insights, providing brands and retailers unprecedented information about their customers. VSBLTY’s AI-driven software Vector™ provides enhanced facial recognition that is crucial to strengthening today’s security requirements when applying contextual data, including the ability to recognize weapons or suspicious persons in a crowd.


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Headquartered in Philadelphia, VSBLTY (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”) is the world leader in Artificial Intelligence and real time interpretation of what a CCTV camera sees. By utilizing facial detection, age, genders and other matrixes, VSBLTY’s proprietary technology can effectively enhance retail brand engagement through customized ads on in-store digital displays at point of sale in real time tailored to the customer’s age or gender. This technology has proven to increase brand sales by 25-35%. The firm is also recognized for its leadership role in the growing “Store as a Medium” movement that enables brands to reach customers when and where buying decisions are being made while producing a new revenue stream for retailers.


Using its proprietary AI software, VSBLTY has also developed a range of security products that include facial recognition and weapon recognition utilizing modern surveillance cameras as well as legacy CCTV cameras. VSBLTY has the capability to create a proactive security system rather than a reactive security system that assures the early warning of threats that can save lives.


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